Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Today's Special

Breakfast today was the usual oatmeal. For lunch I really wanted something fresh and summery so what better than fruit and yogurt! Bananas and grapes dipped in yogurt with crunchy granola!


With lunch I had a cup of tea from the tea collection that I got for Christmas from the people I nannied for this summer. The packaging is so cute and the teas are delicious. I had to share a picture.

Each one has four or five tea bags in it and they all stack together!

For dinner tonight I went to the Sano Cafe, a little place right near my school that serves mostly vegetarian and vegan food. They always start you off with cut up whole wheat pita triangles and some type of dip. Today it was spicy tofu peanut!

Next my friend and I split an order of sesame soy nuggets with two dipping sauces!

For my entree I got a falafel wrap that was really dissapointing. Not enough tahini sauce and the falafel were really dry :( If anyone has a good recipe for falafel I would REALLY appreciate it. I meant to take pictures tonight but it totally slipped my mind.

After dinner we went shopping at the natural foods market that is connected to the cafe, I got:
-Nana's Banana Cookie Bars
-A Nana's Lemon Cookie
-Non-Hydrogenated Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese (perhaps for some carrot cake cupcakes later this week?)
-Some Carob Chips to try
-Some Low Sugar Dried Pineapple


Betsy said...

ooo-love the tea packages!! i'm such a tea addict so stuff like that really excites me. :) i hope i was good!

VeggieGirl said...

Oooh that breakfast looks so refreshing!

CAROB CHIPS!!! Yet another VeggieGirl obsession :0) I do hope that you like them!!

George said...

hey, it's your vertical roomie. i love your site! your breakfasts put mine to shame. i may need a consultation to make my diet healthier. anyway, can i feature your blog on my blog? let me know!