Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday's Post

I didn't get the chance to blog yesterday because I wasn't really feeling well so I'm going to be doing several posts today!

This morning I woke up super early and it was back to my old Banana Oatmeal. I went to the store last night but unfortunately almost all the bananas were green :( I picked the ripest looking one and used about half of it in my oats this morning. I topped it all off with a sprinkling of granola and some brown sugar, with my usual p.b. on the side.

Lunch today was what I like to a call my Crazy Salad! Which is pretty much whatever I have on hand just thrown together. Today my salad included:
-baby corn
-honey roast turkey
-sweet pickles
-a little bit of cranberry cinnamon goat cheese
- herb salad blend

Later I got home from work and I had been planning on making Heidi Swanson's Carmelized Tofu but I felt really sick and also really tired. So I just had Stonyfield Farms Strawberry Yogurt, some Puffins cereal, grapes and cut up kiwis.

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